Burger King McLamore Foundation

BKSM Scholars Alumni

Our Alumni family includes more than 36,000 BURGER KING℠ Scholars. From some of the first Scholars we awarded, to some of the most recent recipients, we’ll let them tell you how it changed their lives.

Meet Maria.

She is currently a payroll supervisor at WestRock, a leading provider of packaging solutions and manufacturer of containerboard and paperboard. After graduation, Maria was undecided as to which major to get her degree in, ultimately, she decided in accounting. That brought her to the career and now is exactly where she wants to be.

“Just knowing that there are people who care and want to see you make something of yourself is enough to push you to become successful. I came from a single parent home in a poor area in Jersey City, N.J. Neither one of my parents finished high school. I wanted to go to college and you helped,” said Maria.

Meet Micah and Noel (pictured)

Scholars Micah and Noel are siblings at Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma. Being named BURGER KING℠ Scholars has allowed them to focus on their courses and not on the financial burden that college places on students. They’ve had a tough time and felt discouraged when applying for scholarships, but the BK℠ Scholars award gave them hope.

“We are academically soaring with hopes of one day giving back to this Foundation that once believed in us… Your scholarship was the beacon of light that said keep applying, there are some organizations that believe in the future,” said Micah and Noel.

The Foundation hosts the BK℠ Scholars Alumni Campaign twice a year to engage our Alumni family in helping us raise even more scholarships for future Scholars! Click here to donate