Burger King McLamore Foundation


about james mclamore

One of the founders of the iconic BURGER KING® brand, James “Jim” W. McLamore’s philosophy of giving back to his community and belief in the importance of education is the ultimate inspiration for the BURGER KING McLAMORE℠ Foundation.

As a young child, Jim was no stranger to hardship. The Great Depression forced his family to spend their dwindling savings on the bare necessities, so access to a good education was considered a luxury. It was because of his determination—and again, his belief in a higher education—that Jim attended Cornell University.

Jim’s scholar story begins with him walking up to a Cornell dean’s door, knocking, and telling his story, his interest in attending the school, and how he needed financial aid to be able to attend. Fortunately, Jim received scholarships and other forms of financial aid to attend Cornell, earning him a degree in Hotel Administration. Several years into the future, he became co-founder to one of the largest fast food hamburger chains in the world, what you now know as the BURGER KING® brand.

Because of Jim’s vision to build brighter futures through education, the BURGER KING℠ Scholars program, and the Foundation overall, were established. To add even more value, the McLamore Family Foundation created the James W. McLamore WHOPPER® Scholarship Award–learn all about it here. We thank the McLamore Family Foundation for their continued support and investment in today’s youth.